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Dancers, check your email!

Greetings PDT Family!

We hope you are still staying healthy and not getting too stir crazy. ZOOM Meeting IDs for our teachers have been sent out via email. Remember, MOST of your classes will be live during your normal class time with your regularly scheduled instructor.

The first night we go “virtual” which is March 27, Ms. Michelle will teach Ms. Diane’s ballet from 5:30-7 and Ms. Diane’s Modern/Jazz from 7-8. Ms. Alessandra will teach her normal schedule. If you normally join Ms. Diane after taking Tap on Friday with Ms. Alessandra, just join the Ballet lesson when tap is complete (as usual). This remains true for all classes where you overlap and jump in late to a lesson. Teachers are fine with joining in on the video after the class has started.

The week of March 30 and April 6: Ms. Diane’s Tues., Wed., and Thurs. ballet classes will be taught by Ms. Michelle. Ms. Diane’s Mon. ballet class will be taught by Ms. Kelsey. Ms. Diane’s Fri. Modern/Jazz will be combined with Ms. Alessandra.


The following classes will be recorded and you will get a link to connect the day of the normally scheduled lesson:

  1. Beginning Tap/Irish (normally with Ms. Diane; recorded by Ms. Megan)

  2. First Steps (with Ms. Krysta)

  3. Creative Movement (Wed. and Thurs. with Ms. Krysta)

  4. Intro Tap/Jazz (Wed. normally with Ms. Diane; recorded by Ms. Krysta)

  5. Pre-Ballet (Tues. with Ms. Krysta)

  6. Adult Ballet (normally with Diane; recorded by Krysta)

  7. Fri. Adv-Beg. Ballet with pointe (for April 3 and April 10 normally with Ms. Diane; recorded by Ms. Megan)

There may be some glitches and we of course look forward to returning to normal learning but this is a good option as we continue to “flatten the curve”. If your system freezes, keep working on what was happening just prior to, and then pick it up when you’re set. We do think there is some extra fun things associated with online learning so enjoy! Ms. Michelle has been having fun teaching this way for a few weeks now at Eastern University. It’s been a fun challenge.


PDT Staff

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