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Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Breakdance, African, Pointe Classes and Lessons Pottstown Dance Theatre
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Why Choose Pottstown Dance Theatre?

Founded in 1964, Pottstown Dance Theatre provides exceptional education in the art of dance. We have positively affected dance students’ lives for over fifty years and have consistently been voted “Best Dance School” by Mercury Readers for over a decade.

Pottstown Dance Theatre focuses on the growth of students as individuals. We believe that since dance is a performing art, performance experience is integral to dance education and our teaching curriculum and dance lessons span the entire school year. We do not just place a heavy emphasis on a spring recital. We offer a variety of enriching opportunities for students to both perform and further their skills.

Our students have received acclaim at Youth American Grand Prix (international dance competition) have been chosen for pre-professional programs at PA Academy of Ballet, The Pennsylvania Ballet, The Rock School, Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance (NYC), American Ballet Theatre, The Bolshoi Ballet (NYC), The Joffrey Ballet, The Cleveland Ballet and have become dancers in Momix, Paul Taylor Dance Company (Kennedy Center Honoree), Atlantic Festival Ballet, and San Francisco Ballet.  Other protégés of the director have received full scholarships to the Juilliard School in New York, danced for Alvin Ailey, Beyoncé, and have become teachers, choreographers, and dance artists in their own right.

 How are we different? 

Dancers NEVER purchase a catalog costume.  If you're willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a dance education, we prefer that you spend that money on more classes so that your technique is stronger instead of on costumes you only get to use once. We have FOUR wardrobe rooms full of hundreds of costumes, and you'll see on our gallery page how professional our shows are by utilizing the costumes we, as the school, own.


There are no hidden "recital fees" and the only extra cost for performing for our end of year Demonstration Concert (recital but not so "final") are just tickets themselves.


We have a Dancewear Exchange and Kiosk: While we have a kiosk to assist with purchasing brand new dance attire, we also have a dancewear exchange where gently used items can be taken as needed, FREE to anyone!  Feel free to donate gently used items that dancers may have outgrown.  Our new kiosk attire is also priced at a very competitive rate.   


Special Teacher Training: Our director has an international teaching reputation. Besides having a long performing career, she has studied Pedagogy Techniques (teaching instructors how to better teach) at the University of the Arts, The Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet, The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in NYC, and Delaware County Community College; and she has passed on her knowledge to her faculty through carefully designed lesson plans and syllabi. Each lesson is designed to prepare students for the next lesson and in turn, the next level.  

Introductory Levels (preschool age through second grade): These classes are play-based but present material needed to inspire long-term study. Creative and Foundational Movement is the main goal rather than "learning" steps their muscles, bones, or brain coordination are not yet equipped to execute properly.  Bad habits from being pushed too early become what is known as "muscle memory". These habits are difficult to break and it is often easier to teach an older full-on beginner than someone with bad habits from earlier, improper training. These bad habits also have the potential to set up students for injury. Introductory Levels are designed to teach dancers the joy of moving!


Our director is a Professor of Dance at Eastern University in St. Davids and has also taught at Immaculata University, Temple University, and was a guest lecturer at the University of the Arts and Swarthmore College.  She is sought after throughout Europe for summer festivals and has taught all levels from preschool to professionals.  


We have incredible performing opportunities and have performed in Poland, Lincoln Center in NYC, Carnegie Hall in NYC, and most notably in London during the 2012 Olympic Games.  We are planning to perform in Paris, France at the start of the 2024 Olympic Games.


We have an instructor on staff with a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy aiding with injury prevention and advising dancers on injury rehabilitation.  

Join us and see what the buzz is all about!

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