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Covid Policies 2022-23

Anyone entering the building must either be fully vaccinated or working toward that point. Anyone working toward that point will need to remain masked until fully vaccinated. For those that are fully vaccinated, masks are optional. 

  • ALL employees and contractors must be boosted as per CDC guidelines.

  • If we do not have your COVID vaccine card copied and on file, YOU WILL NEED TO BRING IT IN FOR US TO DO SO WHEN CLASSES BEGIN.

  • For classes where all students are fully vaccinated, masks will be optional unless COVID numbers trend to where the director deems it necessary to mask again.  If this happens, full compliance is required.​​

  • In cases of “close contact” (sibling, parent, friend at school sitting close with little ventilation), dancers must utilize Zoom if they choose to participate for at least one week or a negative test after five days.

  • Dancers that become ill with COVID will need to utilize Zoom if able to, and want to, participate until there is a negative test or for ten days.  

  • Masks for vaccinated students are optional and no judgement will be placed on anyone who chooses to remain masked.  We are a bully free zone!

  • If you feel an illness coming on (even symptoms that are not part of COVID), please do NOT attend class in-person.  You can use Zoom if you are able to dance.  We have avoided SO MANY other illnesses due to these mitigation measures and honestly, no one wants to go back to those days of frequent head colds, pink eye, stomach bugs, etc.

  • The studios will continue to ventilate by keeping at least one open window with fans moving the air outward.  

  • The studio will continue to be disinfected with a hospital grade sprayer nightly.

  • Dancers will need to spread their bags out throughout the lobby, dressing room, and studio as to not overly crowd the dressing room.  

  • Dancers will continue to wipe down the barres after use and keep hands sanitized.


Covid-19 Re-Opening Protocol: Text
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