Covid-19 Re-Opening Protocol

  • ALL dancers and employees present in the building (and their family members) MUST wear a face covering (over nose and mouth). Please have MULTIPLE face coverings so you can replace them as needed.  Also, have a baggie to place old ones in.  If you do NOT have a face covering we will have to send you home.

  • ALL participants will ENTER through the side vestibule door and exit through the front door (Studio I).  Upon entering your temperature will be taken.  If it is higher than 99.5 we will need you to return home.  

  • No parents may enter after drop off to wait for students until it is deemed safe to do so (probably after there is a vaccine and/or treatment).  Payments should be dropped off in the mail slot or mailed in.  If you must pay by credit card, call and leave a message for a desk worker to get in touch or make an appointment to come in and pay with a face covering over nose and mouth.  We prefer NO CONTACT if at all possible.   

  •  NO students may use the dressing room for storage.  It can be used for changing only and there can be ONLY one dancer present in the room.

  • ALL dancers will use hand sanitizer prior to entering the studios.

  • No more than two people in the restrooms at one time.

  • ALL dancers will use the designated spots on the ballet barres and keep their bag with only water, needed dance shoes, a sweat towel, and if needed an exercise band all in their bag underneath their spot.  Snacks are allowed as well.  No personal equipment, especially any known for holding germs and bacteria can be brought into the building.  Phones MUST be on airplane mode AND not touched or used except between classes; and then must be returned into bags.  Students must then WASH HANDS AND/OR USE SANITIZER.  (Phones can be germ spreaders).  

  • After barre work and/or floor stretching dancers will be given a sanitary cleaning wipe and will wipe the area down and throw it away.  Everyone will sneeze and/or cough into a tissue (or bent elbow as last resort) and then throw the tissue away and then MUST WASH HANDS OR USE HAND SANITIZER.

  • Dancers will work on designated floor spots to maintain social distancing.

  • Dancers will stand on designated areas for locomotive movements to maintain social distancing.

  • NO dancers or employees may enter the building if they or a family member: 

  1. Has a cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.

  2. Has a sore throat, chills, lack of smell or taste, muscle pain (other than from exercise), or headache.

  3. Is taking any medication to treat or reduce fever.

  4. Currently has a fever (99.5 or higher).

  • If symptoms described above appear dancers and/or employees MUST be tested for COVID-19 and self-isolate while awaiting results.   Then:

  1. If the test result is negative the dancer and/or employee must stay home for 72 hours AND remain fever free for 24 hours without a fever reducing medication.

  2. If the test result is positive the dancer must notify contacts including administrators at Pottstown Dance Theatre so others can quarantine for 14 days. The dancer or employee will continue to self-isolate at home until fully recovered, AND stay in quarantine for 72 hours without medication, AND stay in quarantine until symptoms are improved and/or a minimum of 10 days since symptoms first appeared. 

  3. The studio will SHUT DOWN for five days if someone that has been here has tested COVID 19 positive.

Addendum Pact for Dancers Who WILL Be Coming into Pottstown Dance Theatre

We the staff and students agree to the following in order to protect the safety of everyone in the building including people over age 60 (which are some instructors), people with underlying medical conditions (also some instructors including the director), and family members of all:

  • Socially distance when around people not in your family.  It’s perfectly fine to have a “quaranTEAM” with maybe one other family that you know also practices good social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing, etc., but please do not attend or host large gatherings indoors.  The incubation period can last up to 14 days therefore a person could easily spread the virus without knowing they’re even infected.  Attending graduation parties indoors, beach parties in big groups, and the like is all risky business! You are in essence playing Russian Roulette with your own AND other people’s lives.       

  • Do NOT come in feeling slightly sick and lie about it or hide a fever with fever reducing medications.  You can always use Zoom until you’re absolutely sure you are virus free. 

  • Wear you mask over your nose and mouth in public.  I know many people feel if they want to take the risk and not wear it, they should feel free to do so.  Liken it to cigarette smoking.  Plenty of people smoke despite the known risk but they can’t in public places anymore so other’s lungs do not get the damage too.  No one has outlawed smoking in a person’s own home or outside in a free range area; just where it has potential to damage other people. NOT wearing masks is potentially harmful to OTHERS.  This is about the teachers and staff members, not just students.  Again…the TEAM!     

  • If you feel you cannot agree to follow the guidelines in this pact, please do not attend classes in person.  You can join the classes via Zoom.  Anyone that falsely agrees and is known to be violating the points of this pact (or unsafely socializing with those that do) may be asked to remain only on Zoom until further notice.

  • This is for safety and in the scope of a life time, will not be that long of a time period to make these sacrifices.