Covid Policies for 2021-22 School Year

*PDT Studio Masking Policy as of 3/1/22:


We will continue to mask inside the building for all staff, dancers and visitors until the end of session 3, at which point we will reassess the local Covid trends and safety measures. When we feel it is safe to resume our regular indoor dance activities without masking we will return to the starred policy below.


  • Anyone entering the Pottstown Dance Theatre building will need to wear a mask in public areas including bathrooms, hallways, the lobby, etc.  No face shields without a mask underneath will be acceptable.

  • ALL patrons and/or adults in a room with children at an age where vaccination has not yet been approved, must continue to wear a mask.

  • ***Anyone who has been vaccinated: we will need the ORIGINAL CARD brought in for us to photocopy and keep in your file.  No facsimiles such as photocopies, photographs, computer scans, etc. will be accepted.  If 100% of people in a dance room are vaccinated and we have the card we have copied on file, masks may then be removed.  Any class without 100% vaccination rate will need to continue to wear a face mask for the time being, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Should positive COVID cases increase to a point the director feels things are too risky without masks, everyone will need to return to full masking regardless of vaccination status.  

  • We are opening our lobby but still ask that you drop off students as much as possible to avoid large crowds until we see where numbers trend.  You may now also enter to pick children up.  Observation Week may remain on Zoom dependent on virus trends. 

  • We will continue to keep dance bags with students in the studio and use the dressing room minimally for the time being.

  • ALL students need to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands upon entering the building and/or studios.  

  • We will continue to give dancers a sanitary cleaning wipe to wipe down their area following barre/warm-up.  

  • We will continue to have at least one window open in every studio with a fan blowing air OUT.  If it is not a hardship on climate control, we will open as many as possible and continue to blow air OUT.  

  • NO dancers or employees may enter the building if they or a family member:

  1. Has a cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.

  2. Has a sore throat, chills, lack of smell or taste, muscle pain (other than from exercise), or a headache.

  3. Is taking any medication to treat or reduce fever.

  4. Has a fever of 99.5 degrees or higher.

  • If symptoms described above appear dancers and/or employees MUST be tested for COVID-19 and self-isolate while awaiting results.   Then:

  1. If the test is negative the dancer and/or employee must stay home and remain fever free without medication for 24 hours.

  2. If the test is positive the dancer/employee must notify contacts including administrators at Pottstown Dance Theatre.  

  3. The studio MAY shut down for five days if someone there tests positive for COVID-19.  In this case, we will work via Zoom and teachers’ personal Zoom codes will be needed.  

  • The studio will continue to spray disinfect nightly.

  • There will be NO MORE than six students for classes where students are too young to be vaccinated.  Other students will be able to utilize Zoom.

  • Classes with dancers aged 12 and older may move to full capacity (12 students plus the teacher) but remain in masks unless 100% of those in the room are vaccinated with our documentation listed above.  If positive COVID numbers increase to a point the director deems it necessary, classes may return to cohorts to make social distancing easier and class sizes for age 12+ will return to no more than 6 in- person students.  Some will Zoom, while the others are in-person and the following week the cohorts alternate.  Please use Studio Zoom codes for cohort learning.

  • If we shut down either voluntarily or by mandate, classes will return to remote learning via Zoom.  In this case, most teachers will work from home, and you will use their personal Zoom codes.  Teachers that opt to travel in and use Studio equipment will let the director know and the information will be sent to parents via email.