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Updates for PDT as of 6/19/2020

Hello Dancers and Families. We hope you’re managing to stay healthy, safe, and are enjoying extra family time! Below are the latest updates as to how we will move forward based on CDC guidelines so you can arrange things as needed.

You MUST be pre-registered for all classes going forward and CANNOT just show up so we can practice social distancing. This applies for ALL CLASSES, CAMPS, AND FALL CLASSES TOO. Thank you in advance for complying.

  • The first camp that was originally scheduled for the week of June 22 (Full Day for age eight to adult) will now be online the week of June 29. (We figure you all may want a break from screen learning.) It will run Monday through Thursday from 9:30-2:30. We will of course give breaks so students can hydrate, eat, and get a break from the screen time. The camp will include ballet, stretch, Nutcracker repertoire, dance history, anatomy, nutrition, and contemporary styles and the cost is $160 per dancer. To register go to the “Classes” page on our website. Click the 2020 Summer Schedule and print. On the right is a registration form. Please fill it out and mail it in with a check. If you need to pay by credit card let us know and we can arrange to charge your card. Register early so we can email you a packet for fun handouts that you will print and we will work on together!

  • Most Summer Session classes will MAINLY be in a hybrid format. All classes for dancers age seven and younger will remain on Zoom. All camps in June and July will remain on Zoom. For other classes/camps we will hold lessons with six students maximum and if there are more registered, will divide into a Group A and a Group B. Each week one group will learn remotely through Zoom while the other is in the studio in person. This way there can be a guarantee of social distancing. ALL students in person must have a face covering. Teachers will adjust cardio levels since breathing heavy is difficult in a mask. Honestly, you will get accustomed. It’s similar to performing in festivals high in the mountains where the air is thinner. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask you may choose to stay with Zoom. Also, make-ups must be done via Zoom. We suggest just attending your regular class through Zoom if possible, but if that’s not an option, call ahead if attending a different class so teachers will know to let you into their Zoom meeting room. Students will need to bring small bags and keep them in the studios under the barres six feet apart. Dancers cannot go in the Dressing Rooms (without speaking to us first) or use the cubbies, so please wear your dance clothes and just place street attire over top so you can change in the studio. Bring your own water bottles. See the Protocols document we have set up. The COVID-19 Release Waiver will need to be signed if attending in person.

  • We are having an outdoor informal demo concert for those that wanted to continue when we switched to remote learning and were able to complete the school year. If you’re participating you will also receive a time slot where your dance can be showcased as a “here is what we were working on” work in progress. Also, thee refresher Zoom rehearsals are listed. There will be no costumes so wear a black leotard (no long sleeves as that will be too hot), pink convertible tights, and bring your shoes to just change as needed. Hip-hop and Break Dance students can wear their funky street clothes. The performance is July 25 at Calvary Baptist Church, Norristown and if you are not able to participate it is not a big deal. We love to have all of you but since it’s informal, we are not making this a mandatory performance. Everyone may bring their parents free of charge and we are asking a $5 donation for other family members but it’s voluntary. Please wear a face covering and practice social distancing.

  • Jazzerella will be our PDTRE Spring Show of 2021. We are hoping there will be treatments and/or a vaccine by then and life can be normal again. We will keep the cast relatively the same with adjustments for those who will have moved away and such.

Of course this is a very fluid situation and the ABOVE INFORMATION could change. We’re doing our best to make your dance education as meaningful and fun as possible during these tough times. We thank you for your understanding and assistance through this time and look forward to the day when we look back and are amazed how we got through it!


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