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Update on Lessons and Rehearsals as a Response to COVID-19

Dear Pottstown Dance Theatre Family:

In light of what the World Health Organization has now labeled a global pandemic, we are making the health and safety of all of our dancers, teachers, and staff a number one priority. Here are our plans thus far but as you know, this is an ever changing situation, so please remain flexible as we do our best for all involved.

1) All classes and rehearsals are cancelled from March 13-March 26. As of the date of this letter, we plan to re-open on Friday March 27.

2) “Jazzerella” dancers CAN CLICK HERE to access the music in the production so you can practice on your own at home. Please take advantage of this as your muscle memory needs to remain intact. Also, videos and/or notes will come to you for ways to keep your muscles strong and flexible. Please do not allow your body to get too weak and out of performance-level shape.

3) “Jazzerella” Performance: We are awaiting a determination from the headmaster at the Hill School as to when the Center for the Arts will re-open. Here are our plans based on his determinations:

  • Option ONE: The performance goes on as was originally planned. Dress/tech rehearsal will take place on March 27 from 5-9pm. The performance will take place at 7pm on March 28 and 3pm on March 29. If this is the case, DANCERS NEED TO ARRIVE at the Hill School Center for the Arts on 3/27 WITH HAIR IN A BUN AND WITH MAKE-UP ON. ALSO, DANCERS NEED TO WARM UP BEFORE ARRIVING SO THAT WE HAVE ALL FOUR HOURS TO WORK.

  • Option TWO: The Hill School remains closed and gives us an alternate date later in the spring. We will have “pick-up” rehearsals from time to time to keep the dances fresh. All tickets will be honored regardless of dates printed on them.

  • Option THREE: The Hill School remains closed and cannot give us an alternate date. If this happens they will refund our rent and Ms. Michelle will find an alternative venue. We will have pick up rehearsals too if this is the case. All tickets will be honored regardless of dates/venue printed on tickets.

4) Tuition: All tuition for Session Three should now be paid in full. Since we are losing two weeks of lessons, we will credit you with two weeks of tuition for Session Four. Session Four is only eight weeks, so you will be charged for six weeks. Those that already paid will be given as refund or may use the credit toward Spring Demo tickets.

Please be understanding as this is a difficult situation for all of us. We are a strong influence on the community and will get through this as we have done so with other challenges in the past.

Stay healthy and safe!

PDT Staff

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