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Makeup & Hair for Performances

ALL dancers need to adhere to the below list. Please watch the video above for makeup application tips: 

All dancers need:

  • foundation

  • a bronze-colored blush placed slightly under the cheek bones

  • eyeliner (black) at the bottom of the lash line under the eye

  • mascara (false eyelashes for older girls if they desire)

  • eyebrows darkened a bit

  • Earth tone eyeshadows are allowed if desired.

  • Lipstick (see tips below)

**The studio recommends using Maybelline waterproof liner and waterproof mascara for eyes and Maybelline superstay for lips. These products avoid smudging and running/dripping when dancers inevitable get sweaty while performing! 

Hair for Girls

All female dancers need hair in a neat bun with a hairnet over their buns with gel and hairspray, so they do not come down. No flyaways or loose hairs please! Watch the video above for tips on how to make a tidy ballet bun.

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