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We place students in the level that will challenge the student technically, yet build and maintain self-confidence.


The school offers classes in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Modern, Jazz, African, Hip-Hop, Creative Movement, Irish, Break Dance, Highland, Musical Theater, and Pilates. We base the ballet program on the Vaganova Syllabus, as set up by the school of the Kirov Ballet in Russia. We welcome the student who works toward a career in dance, as well as the student that dances purely for the joy of movement and the benefits that transfer into daily living.

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Adult Dance Classes & Lessons

Classes for Adult Dance Students

The Pottstown Dance Theatre is different from many other local schools in that we try to create and encourage students to be artists in their own right. True artists focus on the creative process and know that training is a lifelong process; therefore we do not place a heavy emphasis on an end of year recital and our teaching curriculum spans the entire year. Every student, regardless of long term goals, is encouraged to master skills they learn in order to appreciate self-discipline, determination, and the confidence that comes from setting and achieving goals. We have positively affected students’ lives for over fifty years.

Our Classic Joy of Movement Program is for students aged 8 to adult.

Classes meet once a week and various styles are offered:


*Denotes classes for children, teens, and adults.  Advanced level classes are by invitation to non-Intensive dancers, and the include adults that have serious dance backgrounds.  Teens and adults with a strong background are encouraged to study with Intensive students as well.  Adults are free to also study with children in various styles if they feel comfortable to do so.

Classes: Classes
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