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Dancing on the Parkway
(Thanksgiving Day Virtual Parade) Info

Hello Dancers. 

You are receiving this email because of past and/or expressed interest in the 6ABC Parade.  It will be virtual this year and if you participate you will need to video record yourself and send in your video.  As usual Ms. Alessandra will be your point person.  Her email to speak with her directly is:


Ms. Natalie will assist her and you can normally reach Ms. Natalie Monday thru Thurs. at the studio on the phone from 5-8pm.  Attached are things you will need to fill out and mail in along with payment.  PLEASE ALSO SEND A COPY OF EVERYTHING YOU SEND IN TO MS. ALESSANDRA VIA EMAIL.  


Because they are doing things virtually and need time for editing, and the school year was later for us this year, we will only participate in Dancin' on the Parkway (not FanTAPulous).  The deadline was too early.  The deadline for registering for Dancin' on the Parkway is Oct. 1 with videos due by Oct. 10.  AGAIN, PLEASE IF YOU REGISTER LET MS. ALESSSANDRA KNOW.  ALSO, you must mail everything in VIA EXPEDITED MAIL, not regular mail.  That is SUPER IMPORTANT!!


Here are a few other notes:

1) No hospital masks can be worn for videos (Ms. Natalie may be able to tell what will be best)

2) Record in LANDSCAPE

3) Tripods are helpful

4) No headphones on

5) Backgrounds must be clean (no brands, company names, etc.)

6) Parents should be with kids to be safe when doing a recording

7) No logos on clothing

8) Sed a copy of the video to Ms. Alessandra (drop box can work)

9) Wear safe shoes

10) No white jeans are allowed or rips on them above the knee

11) All dancers will be seen

12) Each dancer must record their part as a solo (no people in the background)

13) Hair off of face and no hair accessories



Again, Ms. Alessandra will be the point person with assistance from Ms. Natalie.  Have fun!  iF YOU DECIDE TO PARTICIPATE, LET MS. MICHELLE KNOW SO SHE CAN TELL PEOPLE TO CHECK YOU OUT ON TV!

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