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Dance Gazette 2020-2021:
First Session

Welcome: Welcome back returning students, faculty, and staff.  We hope you enjoyed some time off this summer!  A very special welcome to new students, their families, and to new teacher Madison Eichert.  Madison will be joining our faculty on Friday evenings from time to time.  You can read about her credentials on our website.  She will be a great asset to us!  We of course will miss now married Ms. Megan. 😊 Since things are very new this year, please give your classes a few weeks to feel them out for how fast they will run.  Some classes will be refreshers based on what students retained since we were somewhat uprooted last year.  If by October you feel there is a level issue, call and leave a message on the answering machine so we can try to rectify it.  Thanks!!

COVID 19 Updates: Please stay aware of our COVID protocols.  The state has mandated that masks be worn for indoor businesses; so please comply so we are not fined.  All protocols are listed on our website.  Hopefully, this is very temporary, and we see the smiles under those masks sooner rather than later.

Inclement Weather: One good thing from COVID: no MORE snow days.  We will use Zoom if roads are deemed unsafe for travel. Chairs can work as a ballet barre; and for tappers: feel free to use hard shoes (rather than tap shoes) to protect your floors. Below are the teachers’ Zoom codes for snow days (keep them handy).  Also, if we close the studio for bad weather, the outgoing message will let you know and it will also be posted on Facebook.  These codes will be viewable on the website where a password is required so only you, the families of our students, can see them.  The password for ALL Zoom meetings and restricted areas on our website is PDT2020.  You will use your teachers’ personal codes for classes should we need to use this platform for any reason.

Ms. Diane: 411-430-6115

Ms. Carol: 955-284-6525

Ms. Kelsey: 869-090-5715

Ms. Alessandra: 590-613-2713

Ms. Nina: 399-737-4512

Ms. Megan: 695-528-5268 (substitute via Zoom only)

Ms. Michelle: 480-638-9142

Ms. Krysta: 679-296-3508

Ms. Madison: TBA

Hybrid Lessons or Those Opting for Zoom: For Session One, if your lesson is hybrid due to larger registration or you opt for Zoom, you will use code: 480-638-9142 if the class is scheduled to be in Studio One.  If the class is scheduled to be in Studio Two: the code is 486-992-3491. Again, if a password is requested it is PDT2020.  ALSO, INTERMEDIATE TAP, ADULT TAP, AND ADVANCED TAP ARE ALL ZOOM AND USE MS. CAROL’S CODE.  ALL CREATIVE MOVEMENT ON THURDAYS, AND ANYONE IN PRE-BALLET, PRE-BALLET 2, FIRST STEPS, AND WEDNESDAY CREATIVE MOVEMENT THAT OPTED FOR ZOOM WILL USE MS. KRYSTA’S CODE.  When we go to Session Two and Three, there may be a specific STUDIO THREE CODE.  Stay alert.  Thanks in advance.  

Forward Planning: As of now, we are planning the following events/showcases.  Since things are very fluid try and pencil things into your schedule knowing there may be alterations.

  • Oct. 3 at 6pm: “Zoom Haunted Dance Theatre Party”!  This will serve as a fundraiser.  We will learn “Thriller”, part of the “Time Warp” and do some fun cardio to “Ghostbusters”, “Dead Man’s Party”, and “Monster Mash”.  The suggested donation is $10 per person or $20 per family.  You will be able to bring the donation in, or through our Facebook page. Proceeds benefit the Rep Ensemble.  Use Ms. Michelle’s Zoom code and FEEL FREE TO WEAR A FUN COSTUME!

  • “Christmas Around the World” recording.  This will be recorded at a date TBD and aired on PCTV at a date TBD as well.  We are thinking we will try and record the first weekend in December with airing a week to ten days later.  Stay alert!  You will want to see our talented dancers on TV.

  • June 5, 2021: Tentative date for Outdoor Demo at Calvary Baptist Church, Norristown.  Rain date of June 6, 2021.

  • June 26 & 27, 2021: Tentative date for “Jazzerella” at the Outdoor Amphitheater in Green Lane Park.  

Rep Ensemble News: Please support our Rep Ensemble by joining our Zoom party on Oct. 3 and watching us on PCTV!  We will NOT have auditions for 2021 but you will get an application.  Upcoming events for 2021 and later include: “Jazzerella”, performance in Athens, Greece (you can still join us), “Haunted Dance Theatre” 2021, “Nutcracker 2021”, Carnegie Hall 2022, and Paris, France during the 2024 Olympic Games.  Stay tuned for details.  Applications will be available after Thanksgiving.

Observation Week: This year teachers will record their class in Zoom during the week of Observation and it will be available for view for at least seven days.  Please feel free to watch it this way so we can maintain social distancing.  Observation is the week of Nov. 16.  “See” you there.  

Money Matters: Please make sure you are current with your registration fee and tuition.  Those that take multiple classes and choose to do the half payment option, your balance is due by Oct. 17.  If you have questions, speak with the desk worker, or call and leave a message on the answering machine.  It will be returned in a timely manner.  

Happy Dancing!

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