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Fall 2020 Registration

August 1, 2020

Dear Dancers and Families:

Happy Summer!!  We hope you’ve enjoyed your days off despite the heat.  PLEASE read ALL of this packet so we can have a smooth registration process for the fall opening, and this way too we all can enjoy the end of summer vacations. 

  • Returning students MUST register via mail.  Your suggested classes have been circled for some of you.  Remember that “intensive” ballet lessons are for dancers who have been asked to join this group for more in depth training.  It’s not a requirement but be proud if you’ve been asked.  ALL Intensive students MUST take two ballet lessons weekly (preferably three) and at least one other technique.  Academy students may take any class at the appropriate level and the semi-private lesson weekly with Ms. Michelle. If you’re taking only one ballet, it must be the bolded lesson on the schedule. Pointe students must also take two ballet classes minimum or substitute a ballet with Pilates.

  • We are not having a normal open house in order to maintain social distancing.  The studios are set for safety protocols with marks for waiting, barre work, etc.  New families that want to see the space will need to register for an appointment (in advance) to come in for a visit.  If you haven’t seen the rooms this summer, know we’ve worked hard to make things as safe for everyone as possible.  YOU NEED TO PRE-REGISTER so we can keep numbers at proper levels.  No students can just show up the first week of classes and sign up then so we’re absolutely sure there’s social distancing in the lessons.  Thanks in advance for complying. 

  • Due to the fluid situation that COVID 19 brings at this point in time, students must be consistent with training since we never know when infection numbers will go up and we might have to return to full remote learning.  That said, all students must register for this school year in the first or second session.  We cannot take students registering later than that in the school year since we may be on Zoom again at that point.  In other words, no new registrations for this school year will be accepted in 2021.  It would be too difficult to catch students up at that point in the curriculum, especially if we’re remote.  This is an ever altering situation.

  • Most classes will be in a hybrid format where dancers may choose to use Zoom only.  If you want to study in person, as long as there are six or less students registered, you may come every week (in a mask).  If there are more than six, you will be given a group where you study in person one week and Zoom the next (a group A and a group B).  NO class has more than 12 students ever so there will never be more than 6 in person, and 6 on Zoom (plus any make-up students on Zoom).  Any student wanting to stay on Zoom ONLY may do so. If you take multiple classes and have to Zoom in a week, you may Zoom for ALL THOSE CLASSES the same evening.  No one has to go back and forth. 

  • The following classes will most likely be on Zoom ONLY: Intermediate Tap, Advanced Tap, and Adult Tap.  If any of the students in these classes feel the need to study in person, please reach out to us.  We can re-configure.  If anyone is at the studio for a different lesson you can still use Zoom from the dance studio to work with Ms. Carol.  You may use our equipment and/or WiFi.

  • The following classes will be taught with Ms. Diane in person AND with Ms. Krysta on Zoom only as an option.  You may choose based on your own individual situation: First Steps (for age 3), Pre-Ballet (age 6-8), and Creative Movement on Wednesday (for age 4 and 5).  Creative Movement on Thursday will be with Ms. Krysta on Zoom only.  Zoom students will work with a special remote curriculum designed to have themes, holiday movement dance, and activity sheets.  This is a good option for students who do not want to wear masks and/or have trouble with social distancing.    

  • Since we need to keep the amount of people in the rooms down this year, ALL make-up lessons will need to be via Zoom.  You will need to register ahead of time to do a make-up class, and ALL make-up lessons will need to be made up in the SAME session.  If you’re even a LITTLE sick, you MUST stay home.  Remember you can Zoom in if you’re feeling a little “off” but can still dance. 

  • Students studying in-person must sign the COVID 19 waiver and release form and follow the protocols.  Please be aware of ALL protocols (including bringing water bottles, dance bags with all needed shoes, dance clothes under street clothes, etc.).  The full protocol list is on our website.  Also, for those studying in person, information will come out later about Observation Nights which will be different this year.  Obviously Zoom students will have family at home with them anyway.      

  • Once you’re registered, if you’re opting for Zoom and/or need to be placed in a grouping for a hybrid class, you will get the teacher/classroom Zoom codes then. The Zoom codes will NEED to be used for make-ups so please keep them handy.  ALSO, any days with severely inclement weather will switch to Zoom learning.  No more snow days to make up later (woo-hoo)!

  • Quick reminder that it is QUITE COMMON to stay in the same level for more than one year.  Please don’t feel you failed if you have not moved up in a skill level.  Dancers do BEST when they progress at their own rate, NOT THE RATE OF THEIR FRIENDS.  Pushing students along too fast can develop bad habits that are harder to break the longer they stay in what is called “muscle memory”.  All students are gifted at something and weaker in other areas.  Do NOT feel pressured to alter levels.

  • Lastly, please read the addendum to our protocols for things that are required for responsible teamwork. Activities a person does on his/her own time right now has the potential to affect EVERYONE they come into contact with.  Ms. Michelle has asthma and other teachers fall into high risk categories as well.  If you cannot promise to follow the scientists who have studied viruses much more than any of us, please stay on Zoom for the sake of the team.  It’s cliché but there really is no “I” in “TEAM”!   


PDT Staff

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